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Graphic Design in Architecture Highlights City of Mound Wayfinding Design Project by VCI

Great news—Recently Visual Communications was chosen to be featured in Graphic Design in Architecture, a wonderful book put out by Design Media Publishing Ltd that highlights the importance graphics play in the overall architecture of a given locale. The Project Visual Communications

United Hospital Interior Signs Featured in

Congratulations to Allina United Hospital who just opened the Peter J. King Emergency Center through an extensive addition to the facility. Visual Communications designed the interior sign system throughout the hospital and are proud of the signs featured in this article.

Major renovation and expansion in 2008

Hennepin County Medical Center is in the midst of an $80 million renovation and expansion of its downtown Minneapolis hospital and community clinics.Inpatient capacity and critical care are the first areas of need to be addressed with the construction of a new observation and recovery

St. George’s Episcopal Church – WARDEN’S CORNER

by Kathie Brown, Parish Warden It was a great honor to participate in the installation service for Father Paul. I hope all the participants felt that way and that all who attended enjoyed the service. What a wonderful family of God we have! If you didn’t attend the classes on th