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St. George’s Episcopal Church – WARDEN’S CORNER

by Kathie Brown, Parish Warden
It was a great honor to participate in the installation service for Father Paul. I hope all the participants felt that way and that all who attended enjoyed the service. What a wonderful family of God we have! If you didn’t attend the classes on the Catechism, you missed out. I am a life-long Episcopalian and have learned a lot. Father Paul is such a good teacher and is always interesting to listen to. It has helped me think about how I can do a better job living out my faith. Please consider about attending the classes the next time they are offered.The Finance Committee has been spending a lot of time getting things in place with the financial advisor we recently hired. All of the endowment money (over $300,000) is now with the new company. Our next task is to determine how much money needs to be liquid in the short term, so that we can determine how much of the money that is currently in savings and CDs can be invested with our advisor in order to try and earn a better return.I hope by now you have seen the new carpeting in the coat hall and in the hallway by the choir room. It’s a great improvement. This was made possible by a special gift from a parishioner for this purpose. Prior to installing the carpet, you probably noticed the painting that was done. Special thanks to Carole Leonard for overseeing the whole project. This was no small task. A big thank you also goes to Tom Zaun and his brother, Art, for taking down the shelf and short wall on one side of the coat hall, patching the wall, repairing a large crack in the brick and putting new stain on the doors and trim. And thanks to all the people who helped with painting and prep work: Ron Holbach, Karen Hurlbert, Bill Stromberg, Margaret Heil, Brad Heil’s father, Al; Gladys Williamson, Alan Poulsen, Tom Zaun and Carole Leonard. Please make sure to admire the work.Several months ago in one of these columns, I mentioned that we were looking at upgrading our church sign to allow for a changeable message. We have been having a difficult time coming to agreement on a design. Mary Poulsen has a neighbor who is a sign designer – Richard Lang from Visual Communications. She contacted him and he was nice enough to lend his expertise (at no charge) to come up with another design possibility. The Vestry enthusiastically approved the design at their March 15 meeting. The design allows for back lighting of the name of the church and for an electronic message line. We are now waiting on a price quote from the company that would actually make and install the sign. My sister, Leslie O’Donnell, and I are planning to pay for the new sign with money from our parents’ estate.

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