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Interior and Exterior Signage Facelift

by Constance Carlson

Changing the image of a company bydesigning a new logo can be very beneficial to a business that is trying to rebrand their image. While it may be relatively easy to update the new logo on company letterhead and other paperwork, it can be quite difficult when it comes to updating interior and exterior signage.

Signage often includes more factors than just shape and color. When making alterations to interior and exterior signage, one must take other elements into consideration such as lighting, fabrication, visibility, alignment, etc. Without careful attention to these elements, the signage could poorly reflect the fresh look that the company is trying to obtain with this new logo.

The Value of a  Sign Consultant’s Insight

Park Commons, St Louis Park MN

Park Commons, St Louis Park MN

Incorrect lighting or color can negatively reflect on new signage by changing colors, contrast and overall impact. A way to combat this problem would be to involve a sign consultant in the logo design phase as early as possible. Having a sign consultant such as Visual Communications on hand to provide insight on important logo design decisions could save substantially on sign alterations down the road, as signage replacement can be very costly. Visual Communications works directly with the marketing team and provides sign solutions, making sure that the logo on paper translates smoothly onto the interior and exterior signage with minimal adjustments. This consultation is crucial for companies who want a fresh look but also want the smoothest transition possible.

Visual Communications, Inc. provides environmental signage and wayfinding design solutions for hospitals, city governments, educational facilities and office campuses as well as all other sorts of public areas. We focus on guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic with simple signage that gets the point across in the easiest fashion possible while contributing to the overall look and feel of the locale. Our team has left our professional “mark” on a broad assortment of businesses & organizations in Saint Paul. To obtain information on VCI and our projects, visit or call (651) 644-4494.


Richard Lang Principal at Visual Communications, Inc.

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