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Importance of Educational Wayfinding

By: Richard Lang

Discovering your educational path is one of the biggest decisions one will make in their lives. The draw of aesthetically pleasing signage is an essential aspect of every college campus when recruiting new students. Of recent, colleges and universities across the nation are revamping their image and improving their educational wayfinding to attract incoming freshman and retain current students. Visual Communications is a driving force behind the many aspects of this new era of educational signage. One of the most important aspects of a signage system is directional signage.University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota 2Directional signage is the first thing that people notice when they enter a college campus. Not only does this signage need to be extremely detailed and accurate, but also it needs to reflect the college’s personality and it has to be consistent with the rest of the signage around campus. This signage needs to detail where certain buildings are on campus and where to park in order to have the shortest walk to the desired building. Colors, design and placement play a huge role into how effective directional signage can be on a college campus. 

Another important aspect of educational wayfinding is identity and informational signage. Once an individual is directed, identity signage shows them when they have reached their destination. This signage needs to be visual appealing and noticeable, while also staying consistent with the overall signage theme.

When all of this educational signage harmoniously blends together, it acts as an effective recruiting tool by itself. Colleges and Universities will see impressive benefits when they “dress to impress” with their educational wayfinding, and Visual Communications will be there to help, every step of the way.

Richard Lang Principal at Visual Communications, Inc.

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