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Importance of City Signage

by Richard Lang

Branding is the most important part of any product. With the correct branding, a product can boost sales and increase reputability because of its stellar image. However, branding reaches beyond the confines of products and services. Cities benefit greatly from branding and image, which is highlighted through its gateway identification and wayfinding signage.

Visual Communications - Mound Harbor Direcotry

City of Mound – Mound Harbor Directory

The image of a city can say a lot about where the city has been, where it is now, and where it is going. The signage must reflect this image. It must pay homage to the history of the city while staying current and aesthetically pleasing. For example, the first thing that a visitor sees when they drive through a city is its signage and it must represent the warm and inviting identity of the city. While the design and image of a city is of key importance, functionality should also be the focus of city signage. Cities consist of many different areas including residential, commercial, industrial and natural areas. The signage must be clear and effectively lead visitors where they need to go in the most efficient way.

The wayfinding should be able to direct you where you need to go from the second you see the welcome sign all the way until you are exiting. The wayfinding should include directions to city centers, business districts, monuments, natural parks (trails and bikeways) and residential areas.

Updating City Signage Prevents Confusion

Often times city signage is not state of the art, which can be detrimental to visitors as well as the people living there. Visitors can be left confused with the image of the city, which could effect their overall image of this city and its entities. With correct signage, cities can define themselves from other areas and really boost its image.



Look for a respected sign design and wayfinding firm to work with your city, it’s businesses, and residents, to develop a sign program that is distinctive and that represents the personality and future of your city.

Visual Communications, Inc. provides environmental signage and wayfinding design solutions for hospitals, city governments, educational facilities and office campuses as well as all other sorts of public areas. We focus on guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic with simple signage that gets the point across in the easiest fashion possible while contributing to the overall look and feel of the locale. Our team has left our professional “mark” on a broad assortment of businesses & organizations in Saint Paul. To obtain information on VCI and our projects, visit or call (651) 644-4494.

Richard Lang Principal at Visual Communications, Inc.

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