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Helping Hospitals Run More Efficiently with new Wayfinding Design

The work we do here at Visual Communications is rewarding because we really feel like we’re helping people with the products and service we provide. And our recent project for Minnesota’s Hennepin County Medical Center is a perfect example of that.

The hospital, which lies in the congested Minneapolis downtown business area, was a nightmare to navigate. A large portion of the problem rested in the fact that it was the conglomeration of three historical buildings joined together—each built differently. That said, for things to flow more smoothly and efficiently, they needed a single wayfinding system that tied it altogether. That’s where we came in.

To fix the issue, we built a new wayfinding system from the ground up. From renumbering rooms to providing environmental signage, the project proved challenging. But in the end, all parties were more than pleased with the result. In fact, the project was recently featured in the June issue of Sign Builder on page 68.

We’re excited to be recognized once again for a job well done!

Richard Lang Principal at Visual Communications, Inc.

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