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Greenway Information Project Falters

The Dinkytown Greenway's funding is in question after a two-year struggle to convince the University of Minnesota to put up signs on the path that would tell users of the Greenway where they are. The University does not want to be liable for damage to the signs.

After two years of preparation and designs, a Dinkytown Greenway project has stalled.

The Connecting U Neighborhoods project, designed to build kiosks and direction signage for users of the Dinkytown Greenway, sputtered because it has no single owner to maintain it and look after insurance.

The project, led by the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association, began in 2014 after the Greenway opened.

Chris Lautenschlager, MHNA interim executive director, said the association ran the project from the beginning to promote the Greenway.

Financed by the Good Neighbor Fund, the project would create signs and kiosks for Greenway users to find their way, locate nearby businesses and restaurants and promote the Greenway.

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