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Graphic Design in Architecture Highlights City of Mound Wayfinding Design Project by VCI

Great news—Recently Visual Communications was chosen to be featured in Graphic Design in Architecture, a wonderful book put out by Design Media Publishing Ltd that highlights the importance graphics play in the overall architecture of a given locale.

The Project

Visual Communications was chosen for the 2010 wayfinding design project we handled for City of Mound/Mound Harbor District. This locale offered a host of challenges as it deals with a multimodal community that includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Bike trails
  • Residential and office areas
  • Transit stops
  • Shopping and services
  • Other public facilities

This large undertaking found us using over 30 unique signs that included:

  • Area identification
  • Directional maps
  • Standard regulatory signage

The Team

Of course, it takes a well-functioning team to pull off a job of this magnitude. Having said that, we would like to commend everyone who had a hand in the City of Mound wayfinding design project. They are:

  1. Richard Lang, Creative Director
  2. Constance Carlson, Designer
  3. Jesse Yunger, Graphic Designer

Each played an important role in making this job a reality.

An Additional Honor

Not only does Graphic Design in Architecture highlight our Mound Harbor District project, but it also features the words and knowledge of Visual Communications, Inc. Creative Director Richard Lang. The book’s editors chose Richard to pen the preface, sharing what he feels are the most important points of wayfinding design and environmental signage.

Get a Copy Today

Interested in more information about the project? Want to get your hands on a copy of the book to read our Creative Director’s introduction? Or perhaps you would like to see photographs of the Mound Harbor District? If so, find Graphic Design in Architecture on today!

Richard Lang Principal at Visual Communications, Inc.

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