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Donor Recognition Wall marks 50th Anniversary for Merrick, Inc.

Visual Communications thrives on helping metro-area cities like Eden Prairie develop, create and install welcome signs, along with way-finding navigational graphics that make finding your way to important venues a whole lot easier. No city wants to be known as the “city where people get lost!” “All cities are looking for identification, and these cities in the suburbs are becoming very important destinations for people,” said Richard Lang of Visual Communications in St. Paul. This is what we are doing for Merrick

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The new donor wall at Merrick, Inc. also marks their 50th Anniversary.

MerrickThe sponge shapes selected were symbolic to Merrick’s core values:

HEART (red): Love, Respect & Passion
SUN (yellow): Hope & Joy
TREE (green): Growth & Learning
SOARING STAR (blue): Optimistic & Path to the Stars
LABYRINTH (purple): Direction, Journey & Finding your own way

MerrickMany Merrick supporters and Client Advocates were in attendance.

Visual Communications, Inc. provides environmental signage and wayfinding design solutions for hospitals, city governments, educational facilities and office campuses as well as all other sorts of public areas. We focus on guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic with simple signage that gets the point across in the easiest fashion possible while contributing to the overall look and feel of the locale. Our team has left our professional “mark” on a broad assortment of businesses & organizations in Saint Paul. To obtain information on VCI and our projects, visit or call (651) 644-4494. Like us on FaceBook, follow us on Twitter.


Richard Lang Principal at Visual Communications, Inc.

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