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City of Eden Prairie

Visual Communications is honored to have the opportunity to provide design consultation, construction documentation and engineering for the City of Eden Prairies’ first of five gateway monument signs.

We were asked to provide the construction documentation and technical specifications required to cohesively create the unique curved masonry base with
complex curves from all viewpoints, and birds that ‘fly’ from multiple approaches. The monument design is a three dimensional representation of the city’s logo designed by BAKER in 2007.

The overall sign is 35’ wide, with birds soaring to 18’ above grade. The largest bird has a 12’– 6” wingspan and is sculpted from aluminum. Each bird is mounted at unique angles. In the foreground, the three multicolored curved waves are constructed of .125 Aluminum. The Eden Prairie individual letters are
internally illuminated while the masonry base is softly lit by surrounding street lights.

Richard Lang Principal at Visual Communications, Inc.

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