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VCI Completes New Signage Linking Dinkytown to new Vikings Stadium

Visual Communications new signage for Dinkytown Greenway linking to the new Vikings Stadium will have great adjoining pathways! Minneapolis is one of the top 5 biking cities in America.   Visual Communications, Inc. provides environmental signage and wayfinding design solutions f
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SEGD Documentary Film and Presentations

“Visual Communications attended a successful Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) event, hosted by Minnesota Co-Chairs Jesse Yungner and Adam Halverson. We viewed the documentary film ‘Sign Painters’ and were given presentations by Restore Collaborative and sign
LifeWORKS Display

It’s Here! VCI is Pleased to Reveal our Newly Redesigned Website

Visual Communications is pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, With a clean new look and easier navigation, it showcases informative, useful solutions in experiential graphic design, sign design and wayfinding. We encourage you to visit an

No longer “Lost in Eden Prairie” with new Wayfinding Signage

Eden Prairie has added more than a dozen way-finders and started marking specific areas with tall monument signs. Richard Lang of Visual Communications says “all cities are looking for identification, and these cities in the suburbs are becoming very important destinations for p

Donor Recognition Wall marks 50th Anniversary for Merrick, Inc.

Visual Communications thrives on helping metro-area cities like Eden Prairie develop, create and install welcome signs, along with way-finding navigational graphics that make finding your way to important venues a whole lot easier. No city wants to be known as the “city where pe

VCI Presents new Dinkytown Greenway Identification and Wayfinding Signage Master Plan

Visual Communications’ Richard Lang and Jesse Yungner were pleased to participate on the Dinkytown Transportation Forum Panel Tuesday, August 12th at the historic Varsity Theater VCI provided a scale model of a potential kiosk directory to be part of the new Dinkytown Greenway identif

VCC Completes Como Regional Park’s Newest Electronic Parking Lot Sign System

by Richard Lang If you were planning on going to Como Regional Park today, you might see Visual Communications’ newest traffic control signs and think that there is no place to park. Actually, the good thing is, that the electronically controlled signs alert you to parking space

VCI Nominated for MBEA Small Business of the Year

“Visual Communication is proud and excited to be nominated for the 2014 Minnesota Business Ethics Award (MBEA) for Small Business of the year. In addition, we can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we are to also be nominated by the Minnesota Business Ethics Award (MBEA) group for

Jesse Wins Dinkytown Greenway Project Golf Tournament as VCI completes Missing Link on Bikeway Trail as

In support of the Dinkytown Greenway Project, Richard Lang & Jesse Yungner attended the Marcy Holmes Spring Fest Celebration! Jesse was the proud winner of the disc golf tournament.     Completing the missing link on this state bikeway/trail & Bridge 9 would enhance the Univer

Visual Communication completes 5th Clinic for HCMC

Richard Lang & Jesse Yungner of Visual Communications attended the Hennepin County Medical Center Golden Valley Clinic Open House on May 13, 2014.        This is the fifth clinic Visual Communications has completed for HCMC.   Visual Communications, Inc. provides en

VCI awarded Elk River Wayfinding Signage Project

The Elk River City sign committee chose Visual Communications as a sign consultant out of ten companies that submitted proposals ranging from $20,500 to $150,000. VCI, who came in at $65,000,  was awarded the project to bring a consistent look to the city’s signs and craft a way